Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weird wacky lamps

These are some of the strangest lamps i found online, weird, wacky and ofcourse totally flipping funky amigos.....memorable items or what!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bookshelf Bonkers (Countdown to the most creative bookshelves you ever saw)

Here in la laland we love a good read, and adore a good reader. Guess what else we love...a distinct, unique, off the walls bookshelf. It doesnt just say screw you i read, it says screw you, i'm arty as well. Who doesnt love their snooty arty farty types.

Funktastic feverish furniture (Yet were they high when they made it)

Here it comes, another round of the crazies, yet some how seductive. Furniture as art and sensuality, who would have thought, something basic from harveys, could be a thriller over night.When i used to think furniture, id think something you dump in your room. Guess what? Some of these guys have a rather bizarre yet interesting take on it.Some images i even put up twice

Freakish furniture for freaky scenes? Just when the movie had hooked you

Did you ever witness some really hot sex scenes yet thought to yourself...Jesus man, not on that sofa. That bed? Are you kidding? Or you've been watching one of those really cheesey romance flicks, your put through on the airplane. Guy meets girl, or girl meets guy,go out on a few dates, guy takes girl back to 'supposedly steamy pad' turns the key in the lock, bam. If your really into the particulars, bad furniture, or oh my gosh....bad antiques, or statuettes. Your heart just drops.Although everyone has their taste so this can be quite debatable.
Okay (The black Dhalia) Scarlett Johanson......bad table
I do love Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader in (The secretary), i hate those lamps..

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sexy Sofa's

The old adage of kinky taking place on the bonnet of a car, or squashed between it's plush leather seats is played out.With age comes that need for comfort rather than loss of control. That's right, who would have guessed it, the sofa is still the number one place to do more than make out. Beds are too old married couple for some,all those intricate dips in the sofa, that give neck and backache, put none off cranking off that kink. Here are some reccommendations for top sexy sofa's. Welcome to a distinct twist on the bachelors bliss.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Funktastic furniture to freak in

. Let's face it there's nothing worse than the stench of old furniture or visiting a mates house whilst they gobble on like a turkey about what's new in their life, basically rubbing your nose in it. In fact this person sounds like a flipping advert, and there you are feeling like your out in the desert, starving. What's happening to my life you complain, and then your date stays over, and gives your furniture that thrice over look that I really safe on this sofa. Here are some gorgeous pieces to incite that imagination of yours.
Definitely inviting everyone after this purchase, house parties gallore
wow wow whistle whistle