Freakish furniture for freaky scenes? Just when the movie had hooked you

Did you ever witness some really hot sex scenes yet thought to yourself...Jesus man, not on that sofa. That bed? Are you kidding? Or you've been watching one of those really cheesey romance flicks, your put through on the airplane. Guy meets girl, or girl meets guy,go out on a few dates, guy takes girl back to 'supposedly steamy pad' turns the key in the lock, bam. If your really into the particulars, bad furniture, or oh my gosh....bad antiques, or statuettes. Your heart just drops.Although everyone has their taste so this can be quite debatable.
Okay (The black Dhalia) Scarlett Johanson......bad table
I do love Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader in (The secretary), i hate those lamps..


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